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So called demos is some kind of a digital art, mainly consisting of music, pixled graphics and heavy realtime visual programming blended together... Below is some Demos/Intros I've been involved with, making the soundtracks.

Tpolm Demos

BLAM! 1st place at Scenario '97
NETTY 3rd place at Remedy '97
CCCP aka. kamelbajs released in the summer 1997
EMPIRE 5th place at The Party '96
Superman's day out 2nd at Scenario '96
Hypnoman june '96
Linda Won't Sleep With Me 64k, 1st at The Summer Party '96

Replay Demos

Produkt 47 by Baloo & Sushi Brother of Replay 4th at The Party '99

Produkt 47, by Replay  Produkt 47, by Replay
Produkt 47

EMPIRE 7000B 9th place at Remedy '99

Empire 7000b, by Replay
Empire 7000b

IZ-US released at Hype '99
manual materia 11th at The Party '98
MONO released at Icing '98
save me megaman 64k 1997

Other Demos

Bonk! "Zeotrope" 4th at Icing'96
Blocc "FUJ" 1st at Pool Position'97

Game Music

I was some years ago involved in the making of Robobombo,
a shoot-'em-up game. Music and Sound FX Andreas Dagnell.
Cut-scene and intro graphics Bob Nimbe (aka. Prof).
Screenshots from the game: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Written About the Empire Demo Music

"Watson we are about to have guests! The demo on it's own isn't really that special (a few simple objects and a little wireframing here and there) but if you throw in the awesome mod from BALROG/TPOLM everything gets a new face. On par with heavy-calibers like "hairo" from this years Assembly winner "Gasoline" and a bunch of other great demo tracks. (Event horizon, Past, Goatage to name a few) I'm pretty sure E7000b.xm will find a home in every mod collection."

mckracken 1999

Demoscene Links
Balrog mods at Nectarine
Japanese MOD collection, Fasttracker II, Balrog mods, Fasttracker, Balrog mods, protracker, Balrog mods

Tpolm demos with Fthr and Nahkamuumi
Replay demos with Baloo.
Blocc demo FUJ.
Animations with Bob Nimbe aka. Prof. There are two Balrog's in the demoscene. Balrog from Sweden (Me!) and Balrog from Canada (I think he calls himself Symbiote nowadays). Cool demogroups: Orange, CNCD, NoooN, Kewlers Oldschool: Triton, Future Crew, Jeskola! Productions Amiga: the Silents, Polka Brothers, Melon Dezign