Sushi Brother


Below, some of my modules (mods), released under the 90's could be downloaded (many of them under the name "balrog".
They can be played with modplug: download Modplug Player
(Winamp aren't very good at playing modules).

Previously Not Released

balrog - chubbsub (1996) samps from Medeski Martin & Wood
balrog - fortify (1996) Was ment to be contributing in the icing'96 multichannel compo. But was disqualified because of late delivery (thanks to a guy called fndr, who both contributed in the compo and organized it).
balrog - hmm (1997)
balrog - revenge (1996)
balrog - wanna magnetice? 31kb, 1996, contributed in the Traxism Compo #7
balrog - james 815kb, a tribute to James Brown.

Old Modules

balrog and tito - fucup4.xm tpolm demo soundtrack.
balrog - 2 study 2.xm 734kb, tpolm demo soundtrack.
balrog and Mellow-D- grand.xm
balrog - tricky.xm
balrog - brutal2.mod
balrog - how to make a cake.mod
balrog - cybernetic dreams.mod
balrog - clawfinger.mod
balrog - grand.xm
balrog - snellis.xm chiptune
balrog - snödroppen.xm
balrog - tricky.xm
balrog - rinse.mod (1995) Daskmig #8 intro soundtrack, chiptune
balrog & codec - stoned.xm

Balrog likes mods by:
Dizzy, Nuke, Heatbeat, Dune, Groo, Jesper Kyd, Shad, Radix Fajser, Laxity, Jesper Kyd, Purple Motion, Vouge, Lizardking And more: Vinnie, Sulphur, Scortia, Romeo Knight, Moby, MD, Mellow-d, Mantronix & Tip, Jogeir Liljedahl, Jazz, Jason, Interphace, Dr. Awesome, Delorean, Cromag, Bruno, Basehead, Audiomonster, Archon, Alf, Bigjim, carebear, Greg, Strobo, Olof Gustafsson, Travolta & Walkman. Demogroups balrog been involved with: Psychosquad, Mental Design, Noice, Creation, Proxima, TPOLM & groove. Cool demogroups: Orange, CNCD, NoooN, Kewlers Oldschool: Triton, Future Crew, Jeskola! Productions Amiga: the Silents, Polka Brothers, Melon Dezign